How Much is it to Get a Picture of Your Iris? Iris Art Costs Explained

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Iris Photography Explained

Turning your irises into one-of-a-kind artwork has traditionally required an expensive professional photoshoot to get the high-quality macro eye images needed. But today, innovative services like Iris Blink offer a much more affordable online option using just smartphone photos.

Let's compare the costs of hiring a photographer for iris pictures vs. Iris Blink's easy upload-and-print process:


Professional Iris Photoshoot Costs

For publication-quality, print-ready iris shots, most professional photographers charge between $300 on the low end up to $1,000+ for an extensive multi-hour shoot with professional lighting, macro lenses, editing and retouching.

Typical pricing ranges:

- Beginner iris photoshoot (1 hour): $50 - $150
- Standard iris photoshoot (1-2 hours): $150 - $400
- Premium iris photoshoot (2-3 hours with editing): $500 - $1,000+

While you'll get phenomenal closeup detail in your iris images from a pro, those costs can really add up - especially if you want to print large iris art pieces or get iris designs for multiple products.

Iris Blink's Affordable Online Iris Art Service

In contrast, Iris Blink has disrupted the iris art industry by developing an online platform that allows you to transform simple DIY iris photos from your smartphone into vibrant custom iris designs printed on premium products - no professional photoshoot required.

All you need a close-up shot of your eye, which you upload directly to their site. Within 24 hours, their artists will provide a digital iris art proof customized just for you based on those uploaded pics.

You can request free unlimited revisions until your iris design is perfect. Once approved, they'll professionally print your one-of-a-kind iris artwork with archival inks on canvas, wood, metal, or other materials.

For around $50, you can get striking iris wall art featuring your very own eyes - no $500+ photoshoot needed. Iris Blink has made iris artwork accessible to anyone with a smartphone camera.

Whether you're looking to save money on stunning iris prints or prefer the unbeatable quality of professional macro photography, there's now an affordable solution for every budget. Get those iris close-ups however you prefer, then let Iris Blink work their magic!

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