About Iris Blink, Our Iris Art Story

Capturing the Essence of the Eye Through Art

Iris Blink Art Story
Iris Blink was born from a profound fascination with the intricate beauty and uniqueness of the human iris. Our company set out to transform ordinary iris photos into extraordinary custom artworks.

We were captivated by how each iris is truly one-of-a-kind, with its own distinctive patterns, colors, and depth - akin to a fingerprint of the soul. This inspired us to start handcrafting bespoke iris art from personal iris photography.

Through vibrant canvas prints, statement wall art pieces, and signature bespoke portraits, Iris Blink captures the mesmerizing details and spirit of each customer's iris. Our meticulous creative process, with unlimited free revisions, ensures every personalized iris artwork resonates deeply and becomes a cherished masterpiece.

The Iris Blink Story: Capturing the Soul's Fingerprint Through Custom Iris Art

Today, Iris Blink remains driven by the mission to craft premium custom iris artworks while providing an unparalleled tailored experience to every customer. We're committed to strengthening the connection between individuals and their authentic selves through the power of iris photography and art.

In 2023, Portrait My Pet, the pioneering brand dedicated to handcrafting exquisite custom pet portraits, expanded its artistic horizons by acquiring Iris Blink. This sister company, born from a profound fascination with the intricacy and uniqueness of the human iris, specializes in transforming personal iris photography into extraordinary custom artworks.